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The Big 3 Ideas to System Reform - Colorado Behavioral Health Task Force

  • November 18, 2020
  • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
  • via Zoom


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In September 2020, the Behavioral Health Task Force presented Governor Polis with the blueprint for reform, Behavioral Health in Colorado: Putting People First.  The blueprint distills hundreds of hours of research, testimony, and dialogue into our reimagined behavioral health system.

We will share an overview of what we learned from people (with lived experience) and their family members, as well as themes that continually resurfaced among the three subcommittees (children's safety net, and long-term competency).

Join this webinar to hear the "Big Three Ideas" to system reform and the initial plans for Phase One -- as well as how you can be involved.

Highlights include:

  • Behavioral health current state in Colorado.
  • Why Reform, Why Now?
  • Equity, Financial Analysis and COVID-19 response
  • The 6 pillars of a strong behavioral health system: Access, Affordability, Workforce & Support, Accountability, Consumer and Local Guidance, and Whole Person Care
  • The path forward: 3 Phase Approach

   Summer Gathercole

   Senior Advisor for Behavioral

   Health Transformation

Summer Gathercole is passionate about Behavioral Health and the opportunity to engage the larger community to improve the system in Colorado. She brings an array of experiences and expertise that not only inform her ability to examine issues from a variety of perspectives, but equip her to listen actively and attentively to the viewpoint of other stakeholders.

Summer's years of experience spearheading philanthropic ventures have provided the tools and insights to effectively evaluate the current programs and funding streams to examine and understand how the system can be more efficient and impactful. Leading various projects that have recommended improvements to Colorado’s system increased the depth of her understanding of the complexities of the behavioral health system and the breadth of its stakeholders. 

Summer has worked in direct service as well as at the systems levels, providing training to homeless and low-income individuals to help prepare them for a job, establishing a regional collaboration of workforce development agencies and serving as the Secretary of Labor for Washington, D.C. This wealth of experience positions her well to integrate the input and expertise of consumers, providers and policy makers, all of whom view the system through a unique lens.

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